Board member for the Kentucky Derby Festival, Dr. Barry Denton is excited to announce that there will be a return to live and in-person events in 2022!

The Kentucky Derby’s return to normal will begin with the half-marathon and marathon events, respectively.  Both races will be held the Saturday prior to the Derby itself, as in line with tradition.  The officially announced date is April 30, 2021.  However, there are still updates to be announced later on as the event committees settle the details. 

Last year in 2020, the vast majority of Kentucky Derby Festival events were cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.  The events that were able to be held virtually or socially distanced were.  This included the foot races, which were not without their coronavirus-prompted alterations.  The half-marathon was held across 4 days with staggered start times, so as to adhere to social distancing requirements.  

Barry Denton and the Kentucky Derby Festival event committee members look forward to welcoming participants back to ‘normal’ in 2022!