So, you want to be a real estate agent. Freshly-licensed real estate agent Barry Denton says: you’re just in time, because the market is still red hot in the Sunshine State! If you’re looking for a way to learn the industry and earn your license — without cutting too much into your schedule — here are some of Florida’s best fully-accredited real estate courses that you can complete online:

  • ProLicense Florida – Real Estate & CAM Licensing Courses

With courses available remotely, ProLicense Florida is one of the state’s leading schools for continuing education and obtaining certifications in the areas of real estate, financial services and appraisals.

  • Florida Real Estate School

FRES offers courses online so you can learn at your own pace.  This is another fantastic option for professionals who are currently working full-time and looking to continue their education in their free time!

  • Tampa School of Real Estate

TSRE is the ultimate fit for real estate agent hopefuls who are already working full-time.  Offering convenient online and in-person courses that match up with your schedule, TSRE is a fantastic option.