Bye, bye, LA! And hello, Miami! More and more celebrities are flocking to the Sunshine State to buy waterfront properties in FL’s cities. Real Estate Agent Dr. Barry Denton discusses where and why they’re making the leap: 

That’s right: New York City and Los Angeles are no longer the places to be.  Well, maybe they are — but not if you’re a celebrity!  In 2021, more celebrities purchased properties in Florida than ever before.  And they weren’t the only ones.  It’s safe to say that the real estate market was absolutely booming in FL all year long.  Real Estate Agent Barry Denton saw it firsthand for himself!  So where exactly are these celebrities moving to and why?

According to his research, Dr. Denton has found that Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are the hotspots that have celebrities like Karle Kloss, Tommy Hilfiger and others taking the leap down to the southeast.  Why?  Well, it comes as no surprise that the laid back, luxury lifestyle of the area is what has these big names interested in the sunshine state.  So if you want to live it up like the rich and famous, buying property in FL might be the move for you to make in 2022!