The real estate market in the Miami area continues to grow. Now, the area is even attracting the eyes (and dollars) of international investors. Dr. Barry Denton discusses the details:

This winter, more than snowbirds are flocking to the South Florida region.  With their interests piqued, investors are setting their sights on the Miami real estate market.  Several of these investors are fully locked into their support of the properties flourishing in the area.  In particular, Chilean financial firm, LarrainVial has purchased a 33% stake in Black Salmon and TSG.  The ladder, of course, is a commercial real estate development firm based in the Coral Gables area.  In a separate investment, DaGrosa Capital Partners has also put their faith in FL real estate with an absorption of ISG World, which is located in Aventura.

In Dr. Barry Denton’s last blog post, the real estate expert discussed the thriving real estate market in South Florida.  With the news of these two international-based investments in the area’s market, Denton continues to anticipate optimistic opportunities for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals all-around.