Freemasons in South India are celebrating the 60th birthday of the fraternal society’s presence in their region. Dr. Barry Denton congratulates the lodge in Chennai:

In 1961, Freemasonry made a revolutionary move when the fraternal society was introduced to South India.  Although the organization is one of the oldest societies in the world, it wasn’t until 60 years ago that Indians had the opportunity to join in their home country.  This year, the diamond jubilee celebrations took place in December 2021, marking a truly momentous occasion.

Anish Kumar Sharma, a Grand Master for the Indian lodge in Chennai, explained the celebration.  He also reflected on the exclusivity and importance of freemasonry membership, noting that it is unlike any other club or organization.  You cannot simply pay a fee or fill out a form to join the freemasonry; instead, you must be selected and initiated into the group.  In Dr. Denton’s experience, that is one of the many things that makes membership so special!