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Barry Denton Nonprofit Development

Barry Denton is passionate about nonprofit development. Over the years, Denton has supported numerous nonprofits and community organizations, including Turning Point USA and Dreams With Wings.

Why not take a proactive role in your community?

An active member in his own community, Barry Denton has long stood by the notion that we are where we live.  In other words, our neighborhoods and public spaces are integral to who we are as people — both as individuals and members of the community as a whole.  When we enrich our communities, we empower our families, friends, neighbors — and ourselves.

Barry Denton Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America

As a young boy, Barry Denton established the pillars of his leadership as a Boy Scout.  From Cub Scout to Eagle Scout, Denton absorbed some of the most crucial lessons throughout his journey.  Working as part of a team, Denton’s time as a scout allowed him to soak up valuable lessons on leadership, partnership and the power of camaraderie.  Today, he continues to support the efforts of scouting as a whole.

Dreams With Wings

Dreams With Wings is a nonprofit organization that empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism in Barry Denton’s community.  He has long supported this initiative and its commitment to offering unwavering compassion and support.  The core values of the organization include respect, compassion, creativity, relationship building, self sufficiency and an active effort to make a difference in the lives of others.

Turning Point USA

Barry Denton has been a strong supporter of Turning Point USA since the organization was established in 2012.  The brainchild of conservative activist, Charlie Kirk, Turning Point echoes the ideas and perspectives of right-wing Americans.  Focused primarily on offering young conservatives a platform to have their principles heard, Kirk’s organization is known for advocating within high school and collegiate campuses.  Denton commends Turning Point USA for inspiring the next generation of conservative leaders to stay true to their principles and politics.