Have you recently been promoted to a managerial role? If so, you can benefit from attending this live workshop and coaching opportunity! Dr. Barry Denton, fellow executive leader, looks forward to the unique upcoming event, scheduled for Saturday, February 26, 2022:

Being promoted to the role of manager is exciting.  Congratulations!  But now that the role is real, you may find yourself rushing to meet the needs of unfamiliar territory.  The truth is, being a new manager can be difficult.  But you don’t have to struggle through this new role alone.  The Successful Leadership for New Managers Workshop aims to help equip you with the resources and knowledge necessary to burst into your new position with strength and poise!

Hosted virtually via Zoom, this event is open to all, regardless of your location.  This makes for the perfect growth opportunity for virtually anyone in a managerial role!  During the free online event, host Remi Vogel will discuss his 4 principles for success in leadership, which include engagement, accountability, performance and confidence.  Dr. Barry Denton believes this is a great opportunity for any manager, but particularly those in accounting, finance and administration.  This live coaching session is free, but you must register in order to attend!