Dr. Barry Denton highlights the upcoming 2022 Women in Auto Care Leadership Conference hosted by the Auto Care Association. Here is how you can participate:

Women in Auto Care is a community within the Auto Care Association, a nonprofit trade association that strives to strengthen the businesses, leaders and workers who are committed to vehicular maintenance and longevity.  This year, the Association’s female-focused subset, Women in Auto Care, is slated to host its first standalone, in-person event since the start of the pandemic.  Various setbacks have kept members from joining together for such an event.  But those setbacks are being pushed off into obscurity as Women in Auto Care takes charge to host a new conference!  

This year’s theme for the conference is the concept of Reconnecting and Revitalizing within the auto care industry.  Registration is now open for keynote speakers who are interested in discussing personal and professional development, leadership and the industry as a whole.  To participate, Dr. Barry Denton recommends reaching out to Women in Auto Care directly.