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Crime Studies

Barry Denton is a Crime and Justice Studies Educator who lectures at American Military University and Florida Southwestern State College. 

For more than twenty-nine years, Barry Denton has worked in the Crime and Justice field.  On the frontlines, he tackled the pursuit of justice head on — and for the betterment of society as a whole.  Drawing on decades of on-the-field work in Crime Studies, Denton continues his dedication to justice in a classroom setting.  Currently, he teaches a variety of courses centered around many of the topics featured in his research and published works, including: public safety, emergency management, terrorism, crime and justice.

Barry Denton Crime Studies

Teaching courses that prepare future crime studies professionals for is fulfilling to Denton, as his career in the field has long focused on protecting and serving the public.  By taking on the role of an educator, he infuses his own critical hands-on experiences into his lectures.  This approach adds value to Denton’s work as a Crime Studies Educator because it offers his students a genuine, real-world perspective on what to expect out on the field.

Currently, Barry Denton teaches courses at Florida Southwestern State College that focus on the terrorism realm of crime and justice, specifically.  He also teaches lectures at American Military University that cover numerous themes in public safety.

American Military University

Barry Denton is a proud graduate of American Military University, where he earned his Master’s in Homeland Security and Emergency Management in 2008.  Today, he returns to his stomping grounds as an educator of Public Safety courses.  Denton’s Contemporary Issues in Public Safety course is currently in session for the Spring 2021 semester at American Military University.  This marks the third semester he has presented the PAD 4932 lecture since Spring 2019.